Creative photo display ideas for every room in your home

Photo Display Ideas For Every Room in Your Home

The way you display your photos or artwork can elevate these everyday pieces into statement-making accents in your home. From traditional framing to modern ledges, we’ve got creative photo display ideas for every room.

For a bold look, try a freeform composition of bite-sized frames like this living room design by designer Heidi Caillier. Or go big with a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall.

Floating Frames

Floating frames are ideal for small photos, polaroids, and artwork that you want to make stand out. They’re also great for small pieces of memorabilia and special items.

They’re especially complementary with modern or contemporary artwork. They can also highlight details that would be lost in a traditional frame.

Unlike a traditional picture frame, these float frames do not overlap the art, which protects it from potential contact and damage. You can display them in a variety of ways, such as grouping them by theme or color.

Hanging Lines

The way you hang your work can play a subtle role in how it is perceived. Hanging should be flexible, non-destructive and invisible, but achieving all three of these criteria can become challenging.

For a quick and easy way to hang prints, try using an old ladder for a photo ledge. You can tie string across each rung or punch holes and use a clothespin to display your favorite prints.


Banners are large, eye-catching signs printed with designs and logos that people use for advertising and events. They can be displayed on stands, draped over walls and taped in place.

Banner images are used to convey information, and they need to be screen-readable. For that reason, they should have ample space around the subject to make it easy to crop or compose the image. This also gives more options to the user when they are creating the banner.


A pinboard is a decorative and organizational tool. It’s a place to post notes, pictures and important documents.

Pinboards are often used in workplaces to communicate with a team or group of people. Users can create a specific pinboard for admin, general news, rotas, handovers or compliance and add members accordingly.

For a more artistic look, opt for floral wire photo grids to hang a gallery above your desk. They can be used to showcase a mood board or your favorite memories.

Wall Boards

Many photo display ideas rely on a frame, but a simple picture board is a great alternative. These versatile wall mounted pieces offer a decorative look, exceptional ease of changing photos and an unexpected design twist.

Fasten strings of twinkle lights to a picture board for a bright, festive design. Vary the lengths of the string for added visual interest. Add a touch of warmth to the design with fabric that complements your decor.

Framed Collages

Adding photo frames to your walls is one of the easiest ways to pay homage to loved ones. Select a theme like a favorite sports team, hobby, vacation spot or tradition to guide the selection of photos.

Gallery frames can create a unique decor style in any room of the home. They can also be used to showcase a duo or other sequence of images for an attractive wall art look.

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic boards are a popular option for classrooms. They allow children to work together and brainstorm ideas, as well as write and draw.

Non-magnetic whiteboards are used in offices and schools for displaying notices, making presentations and strategising. They also help teachers to quickly and easily correct mistakes or add new information to a lesson.

You can make your own magnetic board using a standard picture frame, metal flashing and cardboard. Use glazier’s push points to secure the materials.

Floral Wire Grids

In floral design, green wire is often used as part of the mechanics of an arrangement. Regina Berryman uses a grid of floral tape or chicken wire to stabilize the stems of her flowers in vases, but she also adds them decoratively to the design.

She bends 22 gauge green paddle floral wire into a grid inside the vase to hold her flowers and greenery in place. The green color blends in with the flower stems and provides added ambiance to her design.


Shelving can come in a variety of styles and materials. Shelving can also be used in a retail setting, to organize items. Shelving can be free standing or attached to a wall.

Shelves can be a great place to play with pattern and color. Spread out accessories, books and trinkets that have a similar shade to create a cohesive look.

This rattan rack will add natural flair to your photo display. It pairs well with farmhouse and mid-century modern decor styles.

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